As parents ourselves, we understand what your patrons want from a playground. They want their children to be well entertained and to want to come back!

Our team has extensive experience in building nature playgrounds for restaurants and pubs. We may even be able to renovate your existing playground to add new challenging elements.

We understand what kids of different ages want out of an adventure playground and what will stand the test of time. Every one of our playgrounds is unique and after consulting with you to understand your vision, we create a digital 3D design to give you confidence in the finished product.

Above all else, we pride ourselves on quality workmanship and using only the highest quality materials to ensure that the kids attending your venue get a lot of enjoyment out of your playground for years to come.

Here are some examples of playgrounds we’ve constructed. Click/tap the images to see larger versions.

Location: Sandalford Winery
Project designed by: Nature Playgrounds
Built by: Down 2 Earth Playgrounds

What makes a good playground

an evidence-based analysis

Why choose Down 2 Earth Playgrounds

nature playgrounds australia

Superior Design

The importance of planning and design in the construction of high quality nature based playgrounds can’t be overstated. When designing a playground to meet your needs, we take into consideration a number of factors including your vision, budget, the space, form, function, accessibility and sensory requirements, aesthetics and, most importantly, how to ensure it’s well used and enjoyed for years to come.

After consulting with you to determine your nature based playground needs, we create a detailed 3D design to enable you to picture the finished product.

nature playgrounds australia

High Quality Workmanship

Many nature based playground companies are owned by landscapers, with the construction work outsourced to subcontractors. This can cause issues with quality control and blown out timeframes, and also typically means higher company overheads which can drive up prices.

At Down 2 Earth Playgrounds, the design and construction work is performed in-house to ensure a high standard of nature playground is delivered in a timely manner and at a fair price.


nature playgrounds australia

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